Team Members

     Jarvis Provitt

    President | Founder

              Darrius Matthews

                       Vice President

       Director of Life Enhancement Program

          Anthony Gill

    Director of College Outreach

      Sean Golson

Director of College Outreach

    Daniel Jones

   Development Team

      Neal Roberson

     Communications Team

     Kenneth Bolden

 Director of Commumictions

       Janeen White

           Marketing Team

     James Herndon

      Social Media Specialist

    Andre Mclamore

    Communications Team

    Judah Griffin

    Marketing Team

Business Partners

Fuel Furnisher

   Devonne Carter - Ceo

      Jeremy Richards - President | CoFounder

         Reggie Griffin - Project Manager | CoFounder

            Billy Hockenhull - Marketing Director | VP | CoFounder

Wayne Productions

   Sean Golson - Artistic Director | Founder

      Anthony Gill - Producer | DJ

J - Sports

   Daniel Jones - Ceo | Founder

BGK Multimedia Group

James Herndon - CEO/Founder

Kenny B's Mobil Car Washing Service

Kenneth Bolden - CEO/Founder

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​​Call us:

(334) 669-2692

​Find us: 

Hateless Headquarters

1240 Hugh St.

Mc Intyre Community Center 

Montgomery, AL 36108