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Less Fortunate Program


The Less Fortunate Program mission is to help the people that are in need of food, water, clothing, and shelter. Going out twice or more a month, we believe as an foundation can continue to make change in the areas that God allows us to impact. Being a servant in the world that we're in is an important task that through Christ that we can continue to fulfill. 

Anti-Bullying Program

The purpose and goal is to raise awareness upon the causes and effects of  the different types of bullying and also to  build relationships with kids that need it the most (bullies). The focus is to help one kid at a time become a better student, child, and a all around individual. Building relationships with our next leaders in the world is very important to our team. sparking one mind at a time can lead to a difference inside there everyday life of change and a much brighter future. 

Mentoring Program

As a foundation our mission is to "Restore faith in humanity through Christ love by providing food, clothing, water, shelter and to build relationships to bring hope. We believe the youth  are our communities destined leaders, and through upright instruction and pure guidance, they will exceed measures. 


  •  One on one mentoring providing character and career building traits.

  • Group activities

  • Training and development

  • Awards and recognition 

Executive Director: Jarvis Provitt

Executive Director: Darrius Matthews

Executive Directors: Willie Gill III, Kanique Kelly